The Mystique of Antiques and Uniques

Experience The Essence of Shakespeare

Shakespeare, which for some, is already a destination in it's own right, is cherished for many attributes associated with it's unique rural Ontario heritage. The Century and a half old built heritage, undisturbed from early 1900's photos, has survived the ravages that have decimated most other villages of this heritage. While the value of this heritage may be obscure to some, it is of front and center importance to both the residents and businesses for Shakespeare as well as the many tens of thousands of customers spending their leisurely time in the Hamlet of Shakespeare each year as they take in local festivals and events. Customers reflect on the picturesque rural nature of the hamlet, charming nearby settlements, the rich agricultural heritage of both modern and centuries old farming systems, the treasures waiting to be discovered in the quaint centuries old shops, the abundance of fresh locally produced foods available in our shops, the pedestrian friendly nature of the hamlet for retired slow-walking folks, many with walking assistance, and the mystique of exploring yesteryears treasures for that perfect memento or gift.  

Why visit Shakespeare???

Ø Tourism

§  Stratford Shakespeare Festival

§  Perth County Tourism Gateway

§  Shakespeare Antiques and Uniques

§  Local foods and "Pride of Place" in food products

§  Shakespeare to the Shoreline

§  Regional festivals

§  Local tourism events

Ø Business and Commerce draws

§  International engineers and customers

§  Shakespeare

§  Tavistock

§  Stratford

§  Local Commerce

§  Local businesses

§  Traveler and Road service businesses

§  Convenience stores

§  Coffee shops

§  Restaurants